Sunday, August 3, 2014

Review Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter Controlled by iPod touch iPhone iPad and Android Almost crash proof drone.

The yesterday. I search for information on the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter Controlled by iPod touch iPhone iPad and, so i have to tell.

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter Controlled

From the Manufacturer The Parrot AR.Drone is the first quadricopter that can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet. By tilting your device you control the direction of your AR.Drone and by releasing it the AR.Drone is instantly stabilized. Thanks to the AR.Dronersquos autopilot feature anyone can be an expert as the AR.Drone allows for an easy take-off and landing. The AR.Drone .... Read more or Check Price

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This was actually a purchase for my boyfriend who was eyeing drones RC for quite a while ' time. The package arrived and his eyes lit up like a kid at Christmas by Sandy Taylor

E ' intermediate. For any starter is ok. "I bought UDI and DJI Phantom 2 also""Ho comprato UDI e DJI Phantom 2 anche""""""it""I bought"1truefalse977020"UDI"2truefalse990230"and"3truefalse966340"DJI"4truefalse777450"Phantom 2"5truefalse669570"also"6truefalse770780"Ho comprato"1"I bought"977truefalse"I purchased"1truefalse"I bought it"0truefalse"I have bought"0truefalse"Bought"0truefalse011"Ho comprato UDI e DJI Phantom 2 anche""UDI"2"UDI"990truefalse"the UDI"0truefalse1215"""e"3"and"966truefalse1617"""DJI"4"DJI"777truefalse1821"""Phantom 2"5"Phantom 2"669truefalse2231"""anche"6"also"770truefalse"even"8truefalse"too"0truefalse"well"0truefalse"as well"0truefalse3237"""Ho comprato UD e DJI Phantom 2 anche"6"it"34. UDI is basic and Phantom 2 for the user who wants to advance video production. by Engr. Mehedi

Great The battery life is short ( 10 min) but compared to the more remote controlled toys is not bad most are just 5 minutes. And it's a cool toy and nice by Carol Loescher

Best I've flown drone. You almost have to make it crash. The distance is very limited flying on a tablet with wifi. You can get a change to fly a RC 2.4 ghz radio. by Art


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